Pure Guardian H4500 Ultrasonic (Manual Controls)

Pure Guardian H4500 Ultrasonic

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This unit is very interesting in my opinion. The Pure Guardian H4500 is an ultrasonic humidifier that works as a cool mist or a warm mist machine. Pure Guardian (previously known as Germ Guardian) is a company that started in North East Ohio, and is known for using safe, natural and innovative technology in the products they manufacture. Prior to purchasing this unit I wasn’t too familiar with this company, although I have to say this machine does an excellent job of working for long hours at a fairly undetectable and quiet noise level.

What is it?

The Pure Guardian H4500 is a single tank humidifier that can hold up to 2.4 gal of water. On it’s highest setting it is capable of emitting up to 2.2 gallons for every 24 hours, while on it’s lowest setting it will emit 0.5 gal. Since this is machine also has cool mist capabilities it uses a special technology called “Silver Clean Technology” to prevent the growth of any mildew or bacteria inside of your water tank.

I found that this machine works best in medium to large sized rooms (up to 500 sq ft.) and was pretty easy to find a comfortable humidity setting for our room. I should also mention that this is a fairly big unit and since it’s a single tank 2.4 gal jug, it may cause problems for those who have trouble lifting.

Lastly, this unit has a manual, analog display. If you’re looking for something digital take a look at the H4600 model.

What I liked?

Despite not being a well known name in my books, this unit does a really good job of keeping my room at a decent moisture level. The Pure Guardian H4500 Ultrasonic Humidifier is also a very well priced dual mist machine, especially when compared with the advanced Air-O-Swiss 7135 unit. It does a good job of reducing my cold and flu symptoms as well as treating my dry skin.

Another thing I really liked was its use of their Silver Clean Technology. It seemed to made cleaning a lot easier. You still need to clean your unit regularly, but it wasn’t as tedious. I found this machine to also be built very sturdy and doesn’t cause leaks unless I spill water when refilling.

Since this is a ultrasonic unit, I love how there is no filters to buy, which can save money down the road. Also, we didn’t experience any noticeable amounts of white calcium powder on our counters or windows. I think mainly because we use distilled water in all of our machines.

What I didn’t Like?

One thing that bothered me about the The Pure Guardian H4500 was its advertising. A lot of places have this unit listed as being able to last for up to 144 hours, although when I read further into their products descriptions most will state that it can last for up to 120 hours. When I use this machine at my preferred humidity setting (which isn’t that high). It will last a maximum of three days. Although, if I put it all the way to its lowest setting, then I’m able to stretch four or five days out of it. Which is between 96-120 hrs.

Besides that, three days of humidified air without having to tend to the machine is still a pretty good deal.

Also, this tank can get very heavy while refilling. I don’t have much of a problem, but my girlfriend sometimes struggles with spillage because of it’s weight. If you’re not comfortable lifting heavy things, you may want to purchase another humidifier with two 1 gal tanks instead of just one 2 gal+ tank.

Overall Opinion

For its price and its capabilities, I think the The Pure Guardian H4500 is a really good buy. It does an excellent job of maintaining the moisture and humidity in my room and does so at a quieter level than most units that I’ve tried.

If you’re looking for a quality machine that runs quiet and allows you the option of a cool or warm mist environment, then you should definitely consider purchasing this unit.


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Pure Guardian H4500 Ultrasonic Humidifier

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**Looking for the user manual? We’ve had a few requests, so here you go.**

Pure Guardian h4500 User Manual