Regular Questions #1: Answering Commonly Asked Questions on Humidifying Units

Regular Questions #1:

From the beginning we wanted this website to be a great central resource for gaining knowledge on the top units and how humidifiers work in general. Before we purchased our first machine, we had many questions and it was sometimes difficult to find the right answers online. We hope that this section will serve as an aid to anyone who’s purchasing for the first time or for anyone who currently does own a machine, but still needs some guidance.

Question #1: Is it Safe to Put Medicine or Bleach in side my Humidifier While It’s Operating?

Putting anything other than pure water inside of your humidifier can be hazardous to your health. Dropping medicine in your tank might seem like a good idea, but could be dangerous if inhaled. Not only that, but you can risk damaging your machine, especially if it’s a warm mist unit.

As for bleach, it might not harm your machine so much. Although, due to the toxic chemicals that are being used, you run the risk of some serious throat or bronchial damage down the road. Those fumes can also travel to your brain and cause some other form of long term damage.

However, there are some units specially made to accept medicine (or aroma oils) while being used. These units usually have a separate compartment away from the water that needs to be regularly refilled and the medicine is specially made for use in that machine.

Question #2: How Do I Stop White Dust From Getting On My Counter Tops and other Surfaces?

The white dust is a calcium film that usually forms from using hard water from your tap/water system. This can usually be avoided by switching to distilled water or by purchasing a demineralization cartridge to help kill the bacteria in your water. If your demineralization cartridge doesn’t do the trick, then using distilled water usually does.

This usually only happens in cool mist ultrasonic units, so if you have a warm mist machine that boils water you should not be affected by this so much.

Question #3: What is The Best Humidifier and Where Should I Buy It? 

Our website features units that we believe to be the best. Although, before reading any reviews you need to understand what your needs are as well as what your rooms limits are.

Are you looking for a machine that is good for dry skin? good at treating colds and flu’s? keeps you warm and alleviates your asthma symptoms? Are you buying this for your bedroom? living room? or your whole house?

Once you’ve answered these questions, then it’s time to go out and start reading reviews on the top machines. That way you know whether or not it’s really going to provide what your looking for and suit your needs long term.

Lastly, I believe the best place to buy your machine is locally at your department store. That way you can see it, open the box and get a good idea of how much space it will take up. Although, if you aren’t capable of doing so, then I recommend purchasing online at Amazon. Their prices are always competitive, there are always sales going on, and shipping is usually free as long as your units costs more that $25.

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