Crane EE-5301 Drop Shape Cool Mist

Crane EE-5301 Drop Shape Cool Mist

If you’re purchasing a humidifier for the first time it helps to know a few things about setting up and maintenance. Some manufacturers are great at providing detailed info about their machines and usually have instructions on how to properly maintain them for optimal performance as well as to ensure they last for a long time. In the odd case where they don’t or if you happen to get your unit second hand this article should come in handy.

Below are a few tips on how to make sure your units stays clean and lasts longer than just one season.

Tips on Maintaining your Machine


purchase a unit that fits your room. buying a unit that’s too big or small can cause your machine to work too hard or could produce too much moisture for your room. this could not only make you feel uncomfortable, but could also potentially cause damage to your room or electronic equipment as well.

use distilled water whenever possible. most homes have very hard water which is what produces that white calcium powder that sometimes appears on counter tops or other surfaces in your room. using distilled water will limit, or in most cases prevent that white calcium from forming. not only that, but it makes cleaning your machine easier also.

clean your tank as often as possible. it’s recommended in most cases to clean your machine everyday. if not, at least clean it a few times a week especially if you’re using your machine daily. if you neglect cleaning your humidifier, you are only increasing the chances of it malfunctioning and are also shortening it’s lifespan in the process.

don’t rest your machine on carpet or in the sun. it’s highly recommended to rest your machine on a smooth, flat, non-metallic, lint free, waterproof and level surface. doing so will ensure your machine works at optimal performance. keeping it away from sunlight will make sure your water stays fresh and doesn’t get affected by the suns heat as well.

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