Tribest Humio HU1020 Ultrasonic w/ Night Lamp & Aroma Oil Compartment – What You Should Know


Tribest Humio HU1020 Ultrasonic

Tribest Humio HU1020 Ultrasonic

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I had never heard of the company Tribest before but my girlfriend urged me to give them a try. Tribest manufactures home appliances (mostly for the kitchen) that help promote a living a healthy lifestyle. So at first I did find it a little interesting that they also manufacture humidifiers. When I first saw this machine it reminded me a lot of the Drop Shape Cool Mist unit made by Crane. It’s an ultrasonic machine that holds a little less than the drop shape unit and comes with a very unique color changing night lamp. The most unique feature is that it allows you to insert aroma oils which can be dispersed throughout your room.

If you’re into lavender oil, tea tree oils etc, then this unit might be a exactly what you’re looking for to relax while also helping treat your cold and flu symptoms.

What is it?

The Tribest Humio HU1020 is a machine that is meant for small rooms up to 100 ft.². It’s tank can hold up to 0.5 gal and outputs 180 ml/hr for up to 10 hours of operation. As per the Tribest website, this machine uses very little power consumption and consumes less energy than a light bulb. Since this is also a cool mist humidifier, it can safely be used in your children’s room and also has the flexibility of being used all year round.

In my opinion, this unit is geared towards those who love aromatherapy or going for yoga and regular massages. Even acupuncture patients may find this very calming and soothing as well. My girlfriend is pretty big on that kind of stuff and that’s why I think she loves this unit so much.

What I liked?

Like the Crane EE-5301 the Tribest Humio HU1020 Ultrasonic Humidifier also has a 360° degree rotating output nozzle for your mist. I didn’t find it as effective, but it’s still nice to have the ability to adjust its position. The randomly changing colors are also a nice attractive feature, especially at night or while getting a massage. I really liked how the colors pulse/slowly flicker when the water needs to be replaced. This is a great feature which helps you save even more energy in the long run.

Overall the machine operates great. I never have to worry about re-filling it in the middle of the night and I don’t really have any problems receiving the right amount of moisture whether in the winter or the spring/summer.

Another thing I really liked about this unit was that it’s very quiet when in operation. Plus, it doesn’t require any filters. That way you don’t have to worry about any regular additional costs either.

What I didn’t Like?

Right off the bat, I didn’t like how limited its rooms capacity was. I think this machine would work great in a living room or family room type of setting, but that’s just my opinion. Another thing I didn’t like was I found the price to be a little bit expensive. At the end of the day it is a special style of humidifier and does provide unique health benefits when compared to most of the competition.

Overall Opinion

If you really know how aromatherapy works you can combine this machines humidifier benefits and treat more health problems than your average machine. With that said this is probably one of the most health-conscious units we have ever tried and am very interested in seeing what other products this company has available.


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Tribest Humio HU1020 Ultrasonic w/ Night Lamp & Aroma Oil Compartment

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