Air-O-Swiss AOS 7135 Ultrasonic

Air-O-Swiss AOS 7135

If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering what the big deal is with a humidifier. Before I moved west to a drier part of the country, I never had a use for one. My mother had a unit in our house, but I can easily count on one hand the number of times she used it. Growing up though, my family and I never really suffered from many allergies other than the odd skin irritation from using certain soaps or detergent. I did grow up with dry skin although it was fairly easy to treat living on the East Coast in my opinion.

Since moving west, I’ve had to make some adjustments in order to comfortably live in this drier environment. My skin is much more susceptible to rash and irritation than it was before and my nose bleeds a lot easier too. Overall I’d say it’s much drier here in the winter. As a result my sinuses get more irritated and I start to feel more and more uncomfortable.

Last winter the air got so dry that I actually experienced structural damage to one of my rooms. I went to grab a jacket out of my closet and noticed the wallpaper broken as if (don’t laugh) the Kool-Aid man had broken through the wall but left the drywall intact. I’ve lived in the same place for almost 3 years and it’s the first time I’ve ever seen that happen.

Kool Aid Man did it again :(

Kool Aid Man did it again :(


As per the American Lung Association it’s recommended to keep the humidity level within your home between 35 and 55% in order to feel comfortable indoors. If your air is constantly too dry, then you may increase the chances of the following symptoms:

– Dry Throat
– Respiratory problems
– Chapped / Dry lips or skin
– Bleeding nose
– Allergy flare ups
– Cold / Flu signs

If you notice any of these signs and you get the feeling it’s because your environment is constantly dry, then it might benefit you to go out and purchase one. Or, at the very least, do some more research.

Warm Mist or Cool Mist Humidifier? Which one should I get?

Now that we’ve gone over why you might require one, it’s necessary to understand which style will suit your needs best. A cool mist or a warm mist? To set the record straight, a cool mist humidifier doesn’t actually emit a cool breeze. It just means that it’s at room temperature and not heated. They will still do a great job at adding moisture to your room though. A warm mist will emit a warm steam because there is a mechanism to generate heat inside of it. These are more popular during the winter season in my opinion.

If you’re wondering which unit is best for colds, dry skin or allergies. Then stop, because it really doesn’t matter. They say, that by the time the humidity or moisture reaches your lungs it’s the same temperature regardless of if you are using a warm or cool mist. So at the end of the day it’s all just a matter of your preference.

I hope this article has helped you with regards to why you should get a humidifier for your home. if you’re looking for a more detailed breakdown of the different machines available check out our buying guide.

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